Duck, Duck, Duck… Goose!

Remember that old game you use to play at school… I sure do, we all sat in a circle and someone would be tagged as “IT” and they would walk around the circle tapping their classmates head while saying “duck”, “duck”. I was one of those kids who only said duck about 5 to 6 times before I choose someone and ran around the circle.

We all cant wait, even when we were young, we didn’t want to tap everyones head, we wanted to start running and play the game! Well you need to think the same way with SEO. Your customers are not going to spend alot of time searching for the thing they are looking for. They are going to take a look at the first few websites on the first page, maybe a few on the second page and they are going to scream GOOSE, well not literally, but they are going to call someone. From my statistics I haven’t had any clients tell me they had calls coming in from the 17th page.

If you not on the first or second page of google, then your not in the game and your potential clients are not calling you. But we can help, call us today for a free SEO quote and consultation on how to have your website rank higher.

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