Our History

DB Tech Design opened in 2002. When we first opened, we were solely a web design company. We noticed a need for other services, though, which is why DB Tech Design started offering a comprehensive list of services to our clients.

The first extra service we added was photography. We noticed our clients needed professional photography services so they could enhance their websites. This service was met with a great deal of excitement from our clients, and many took advantage of the professional photos they could have on their websites. Our business flourished after adding this service, but we were not finished yet.

In 2005, we noticed broadband was starting to get more popular, which meant our clients could add more content and value to their sites. Because of that, we started offering video prouction to our clients. Videos are a great way to enhance a website. Our professional video service helps our clients grab the attention of their customers.

In 2007, we added search engine optimization (SEO) to our list of services. SEO helps potential customers find a website, and we found by adding this to our service list, our clients were able to become more competitive. They were able to get a better search ranking which is essential.

In 2008, we added more services. Logo design and company identity were added to our service list. These two services are very important for businesses competing online. Branding is essential so companies can stand out against the competition. Our clients found they were able to get ahead and beat their competition by using our branding services. Our branding services also include business cards and letterhead. We are able to take business cards, letterhead and a website and give them all a uniformed and professional look.

When 2009 came, we decided to give our company a new look. We redesigned our logo and services, and we now have the look of the new era. Throughout the years, we have maintained a dedication to our clients that is rare in this business. We have worked to include comprehensive services so our clients are able to get everything they need in one place. We want to help as many of our orlando web design clients as we can get their websites up and running and looking great! One thing that we always promise is, professional results on a personal level.

Journey Was Started

Over 15 years experience in web, software and hardware development


Starting out

We started creating custom websites with static content

Dynamic Databases

Moved to database backends open sourced software




millions of records

Millions of records of database design and websites

Mobile Apps

Published first mobile apps to stores





WordPress gaining popularity

Patented Software

Patented software




Build 2nd startup

Starting to build our hardware & software box for a tv startup

Massive Shift

Everyone went from paper to digital during covid





Added several servers to orlando, VA and Washington