Can you call your website designer on the phone?

With all the important decisions required to create a great website, being able to call your orlando web design company on the phone should be your number one priority. If the company designing your website is not willing to take the time to talk with you over the phone, then the possibility of achieving a website that scores high in the page rankings and assists your business with online visibility and growth, are most likely not going to happen.
Part of being an excellent web design company is listening to your client, understanding their needs and wants, and incorporating all the elements necessary to create a website that stands above the rest. This takes time and effort on the part of both the designer and the client. Both parties need time to learn about each other and in order to do this; they need to communicate over the phone.
Today, many companies prefer email as it provides a paper trial and proof of what the company has asked for, but what it doesn’t do is supply the designer with how passionate his/her client is about the content, the colour, or the elements of his website. Without client input, you can design the best website in the world, but if the client doesn’t like it, or find it serviceable, you have failed at the work you were hired to do.
So, is being able to contact your website design company on the phone essential to your website success? To put it quite simply…YES!
After all, you are the client, you are paying for the service, and you are entitled to have a say in something that represents you and your business. So make sure that the company you choose in the end will continue to be in contact with you throughout your design and launch of your website. Give us a call today for a free web design quote!

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