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How Much are You Paying for Your Website?

You likely created a budget for your website, and then, you likely tried to skirt under the budget when you hired someone to build your site. The questions are, then, how much are you paying and are you happy with your site?
If you are paying around $300, the chances are you are in love with the price and you hate the site. The reason is simple. You got someone do it that either did not have the experience or someone who did not have the time.
Designing a website takes a great deal of time. That is why legitimate companies are not going to charge $300 for as site. Companies that do charge that much either don’t have a portfolio to prove their worth or they are not willing to invest the time. That means they will use templates.
Saving money is great in many things in life, but when it comes to your website, instead of asking how much you are spending ask how much you are getting. You need a quality site that will be great for your business. Don’t throw your money away, only to have to hire someone else later. Instead, get it done the right way the first time.
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